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Local Film Tweets


How to Be a Voice-Over Artist: Understanding Today's Landscape

By Kevin T. Cunningham

If you are thinking, “I’m a good actor, but I don’t necessarily have a great voice,” keep reading. First, the voice-over industry might be different than you thought, especially since recent technology has revolutionized the voice-over industry—changing both the work available and how we get work. Read on to learn about the scope, sound, and sourcing of today’s voice-overs.

Advice for Actors: An Interview with Erica Derrickson

By Josh Coleman
Erica Derrickson

Photographer and Actress Erica Derrickson talks with about her advice for actors and her organization Hollywood East Actors.

Casting Local Talent: CP Casting and Local Actors on Infinitely Polar Bear

By Sarah Blood
The family in Maya Forbes' Infinitely Polar Bear.

Infinitely Polar Bear, which played at Sundance Film Festival in 2014, was cast in Boston and shot in New England.'s Sarah Blood talks with Boston casting director, Carolyn Pickman, and some actors from the film about their work.

Wearing the Many Hats of Filmmaking: A Conversation with Alex Karpovsky

By K. Correia
At the center, filmmaker Alex Karpovsky

Massachusetts native Alex Karpovsky discusses what it’s like to fill multiple roles, both on screen and off, in the production of his two new films, Rubberneck and Red Flag.

Recap: Most Popular Stories of 2012

By Michele Meek
Who's Calling? was featured in one of the most popular stories of 2012: iFilmmakers: Are Smartphones the Next Step in Filmmaking

Here's a recap of's 15 most popular stories from 2012 and five stories from the archives with the most views.

A Voice Heard Around the World: An Interview with Voice-Over Artist and Audio Producer Brett Barry

By K. Correia
Photo of Brett Barry, voice-over artist

Voice-Over Artist and Audio Producer Brett Barry gives a candid look at the profession he’s chosen and explains why you have to love what you do.

Boston Casting: Ensemble Casting At Its Best

By Donna Sorbello
The Boston Casting work family

When Angela Peri began her casting company in 1991, she named it Boston Casting because she wanted it to be bigger than herself. Today she has achieved this feat by pulling together a diverse team to become a force to be reckoned with in the casting community.

In the Casting Chair: Annie Mulhall

By Donna Sorbello
Annie Mulhall, photo credit: Stephanie Ewens, PBN

For all that Rhode Island native Annie Mulhall embraces change, this casting director has gone full circle to become a fixture in her home state, and it appears she is planning on staying.

In the Casting Chair: Carolyn Pickman

By Donna Sorbello
Carolyn Pickman, CP Casting

Behind every great movie, there are usually great actors. And behind every great actor is the casting director that put them in that role. In this new series, we take a look at New England’s casting directors: how they got where they are, and what they’re looking for in an actor.

The Do's and Don'ts of Being a Background Actor

By K. Correia
Extras in costume during a shoot in Somerville, MA; credit-

Boston Casting Inc., the leading casting director in New England, provides insights into the etiquette of being a Background Actor.

Act Now: Actor Chuck Slavin Champions Local Filmmaking

By Michele Meek
Actor Chuck Slavin with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

Local actor Chuck Slavin takes matters into his own hands as an activist to sustain the local film industry. As founder of New England Talent & Crew and the man behind the monthly Filmmaker Shindig meetings, Slavin has a mantra: film tax credits bring jobs and money to our region.

Extra, Extra: How to Become a Background Actor

By K. Correia
SAG Card, Photo Credit:

With film and television crews descending on the region this summer, locals are finding they’ve been bitten by the acting bug. But what exactly is a "background actor"? Learn what it takes to become an extra -- union or non-union.

Industry News - May 2011

By Casey Stirling
A still from The Wish Makers of West Hollywood, premiering at the Boston LGBT Film Festival

Cameras are rolling this month as a feature and a web series begin production, and there are plenty of finished films to take in via festivals across New England. Read on for opportunities, industry buzz and happenings in the local industry. To submit news, email

The Who, the Whereuntofore, and The Why

By Kerry O’Donnell
Will Your Sins Catch Up with You?  The Why Knows...

The principal players not meeting until the day before production, The Why epitomizes the new type of collaboration in independent filmmaking.

To Pay or Not to Pay: The Debate over Casting Fees

By Kerry O’Donnell
A casting call for Lost as shown on Flickr:

When Mullen/Kalivoda Casting (M/K Casting), an established Florida-based company arrived in Boston a few months ago, they never anticipated the mini-firestorm of debate that greeted them. At the center of the debate was a $25 fee that M/K Casting was charging at the open calls they were holding. talks to them and several other casting directors across the country to help gain insight into what actors should look for when registering with a casting company.

The Restaurant: Tasty, Talented, and Local

By Kerry O’Donnell
The Cast and Crew of The Restaurant.

Filmmakers Bobby Scali and Ted Sherman unveil their short film featuring the talents of 40 local SAG actors.

Influx of Studio Pics Forces Actors and Casting Agencies to Grow

By Kerry O’Donnell
Anne Mulhall, of LDI Casting, has expertise in period pieces.

This summer, Grown-Ups, The Fighter, Furry Vengeance, The Town, Zookeeper, and Wichita all set up shop in Massachusetts. With the high demand on casting agencies and actors, how is the system faring?

Not Just Pulling Stunts: Leo Kei Angelos Charts His Course from Stunt Coordinator to Writer/Director

By Kerry O’Donnell
Leo Kei Angelos started with stunt work and is pursuing his first feature film, "Pins and Needles."

From Vietnam to the United States, and from stunt coordinator to writer/director, Leo Kei Angelos charts how he has made it so far so fast.

Diamond from Southie

By David Pierotti
Jay Gianonne hopes to premiere his next project, "Scalpers," in September 2009.

Southie native Jay Giannone breaks out with his first film, the audience award-winning "Diamond in the Rough."

A Man of Many Hats

By Kerry O’Donnell
David J. Garfield acts, writes, and directs from his New England home.

Film professional David J. Garfield is at home on every side of the camera; last month he premiered The Suitcase in Boston.

How to Nail an Audition

By Ariella Gogol
Angela Peri manages an open casting call for "Edge of Darkness."

Boston Casting’s Julie Arvedon offers insight on how to audition, when to give up, and the best way to become a reality TV star.

Top 10 Reality Show Audition Tips

By Angela Peri
Angela Peri manages an open casting call for "Edge of Darkness."

Boston Casting’s founder, Angela Peri, shares 10 pieces of advice when auditioning for reality shows.

How to Make Films (and Generate Income) by Committee

By Kerry O’Donnell
Brian Pickard's looking for producers for "Slayers," dead or alive!

Brian Pickard of Penobscot Films in Vermont has invented an innovative method of fundraising for his film Slayers: pay and have a say.

No Tricks Here, Just Self-Determination

By David Pierotti
Scott Elrod (left) and Elika Portnoy (right) in Tricks of a Woman.

Actor Elika Portnoy leads Boston-made film to overseas success.

Ready, Set… Act!

By David Pierotti
Jamake Pacual, Haven Quinn, Heidi Tranberg and daughters as The Bill Powers Band in the IFMP class movie "The Reality Shows."

A Brookline-based acting class gives actors hands-on experience, a film credit, and a reel.

Raise Your Hand if You Want to Direct

By Raúl daSilva
Raul daSilva as a state trooper in the 1950s.

The desire to be in charge of a film or television set must be matched with a purposeful attention to detail, especially for projects set back a few decades, explains industry veteran Raúl daSilva.

Industry News October 2008

By Erin Trahan
From "Salt of the Sea" (directed by Annemarie Jacir), showing at the Boston Palestine Film Festival.

The Boston Palestine Film Festival returns with a second fest, Hatchling Studios develops a free FLV player, Melanie Perkins wins an Emmy, and more... a report of news & happenings in the local industry for October 2008. 

The Untimely Death of a Superstar Hermit

By Kathleen McKenzie
Harrill, "the Hermit," in his famous hat. Photo by Fred Pickler.

After a traumatic life, Robert E. Harrill moved to the
beach of North Carolina with just the clothes on his back.  A documentary about
his rise to tourist stardom and his mysterious death, The Fort Fisher Hermit:
the Life & Death of Robert E. Harrill, is coming soon to Springfield’s WGBY.

Never-Ending Storm

By Lynn Tryba
Looking at what the storm left behind.
Some people think the Hurricane Katrina story has been told already.  Lucia Small and Ed Pincus’s latest documentary, The Axe in the Attic, screening this month at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival in Boston, reminds viewers the story is far from over.

A Compulsion to Tell the Truth

By Scott R. Caseley
Soldiers react to a diversity of opinions about the Iraq War in My War, My Story.
Andy Blood of the CT-based Wolf Gang Pictures lets soldiers tell their story of Iraq in My War, My Story.