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Local Film Tweets


Seeking Composer for Emerson BFA Short Film

(Non-Union Only)

We are Emerson students seeking a composer for our BFA short film, Inside Boxes. Looking for a "garage-y," low-fi sound with prominent guitars and drums. Something similar to Los Campesinos. We are also looking for a short piece that serves as a music box melody that has an emphasis on keys and possibly a glockenspiel.
Preferable if you are located in the greater Boston area to have face to face sessions. The film is due to be finished in early to mid-December.

Contact Details: Paul Lazo 646-400-1299

Interior Location Needed, Single Man's Apartment

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking for an interior location to be a character's apartment. The character is a single heterosexual male in his 30's. The place needs to be large enough to fit a crew of 13 and two actors comfortably. We need a kitchen, hallway and bedroom. There will also be an very well-trained dog in the scene, who will need to be in the apartment. We only need the place for one shoot day, and it will be in early November.

Contact Details: Jenna Sullivan
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Male Actor, 30's, Union/Non-Union, Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

"Ignis Fatuus" is a short film about a woman who is raped by her boyfriend while trying to break up with him, her confusion over how to deal with it and two men who can't comprehend unrequited feelings.
Looking for actor to portray Vic.
Vic - Male, mid 30s. Vic is a self-absorbed, well-groomed man, who is very conscientious about his physical shape. He is confident and knows what he likes.
Shooting will take place during early November. Vic will be needed for 3 days.

Contact Details: Gloria Clark

Teen Suicide PSA is looking for more extras this Saturday in Boston area!

(Union & Non-Union)

The Emerson College BFA capstone project "Talk With Me" is looking for more extras for the date of Saturday, Sept. 20th! Exact times are TBD, but we'll be shooting at a school in the Boston area. We’re now aiming for 40 extras total! All ages welcome.
"Talk With Me" is a series of stylized PSA videos raising awareness of teenage suicide. We're looking for extras for one of these videos.

Contact Details: Haley Lannon SPE Productions LLC
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Looking for male actor for student film

(Union & Non-Union)

"The Giant"
A Comedy - Horror - Experimental Film
Shot on grainy 35mm b&w with the hand-cranked Lomokino, The Giant tells the tale of an ostracized man who's estranged uncle has recently passed away. Most of the man's days are spent secluded in his narrow barn obsessing over his large assortment of fans until, one day, his uncle's prized possessions arrives at his door step: an enormous gramophone. It seems harmless at first, but the man begins to hear odd, haunting occurrences echoing from the bowels of his newly acquired machine…

Contact Details: Morgan 1-857-206-2904
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Short Film seeking "Conveience Store" and urban "Office Exterior" locations

(Union & Non-Union)

"Overachiever" an independent short film from a young production team that has been to the Cannes Film Festival 3 times and sold a film to Direct TV, is seeking 2 locations for filming on October 5th and 19th.
Our team is seeking two locations: an interior convenience store (preferably part of a gas station) and the exterior of an urban office building. These locations are plot essential, and we are very interested in finding the most cinematic locations possible. We are negotiable on requests for these locations.

Contact Details: Dave E. Website
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DP, Camera Operator Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

Elm Street Prod. A new company formed in a collaboration by some industry vets is looking for a Director of Photography/cameraman/do it all guy for a couple pilot shorts that will be making the rounds to all the major studios and distribution companies. We're independently shooting examples of potential series and sending out there basically.
Our needs, DP, camera operator, sound, editor or one guy that can do it all. :)
Please include examples, or a link to your work. Thanks!

Contact Details: Jaclyn Elm St. Prod.

Actress Search

(Union & Non-Union)

Sorry for re-posting but we're still searching.
Lead actress search for pilot television series shooting in Boston. 'Paige' is in her 20's, quick witted, sometimes neurotic, sometimes has a bit of a foul mouth, she's always funny (except when she's terrified, then she's terrified) she's in good shape, she's smart and sarcastic at times.
The actress playing her will have to be able to carry action, comedy, fear and a vast array of emotion. A very expressive face is a plus. :)

Contact Details: Jaclyn Elm St. Prod Jaclyn
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Your session with Santa

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking adult actors with film production capabilities or actors who have friends with film production capabilities. Seeking volunteers to perform and film your interview with Santa, his 40” mischievous and wise-cracking elf, and Doug the Talking Dog. We thought you might want to create a video that could go viral. Sadly with a son in college I cannot afford to pay you. We can supply the filming location and holiday backdrop. See

Contact Details: SantaKevin24x7 Driscoll Productions 617-901-6232 Website
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photogenic ticklish female wanted

(Non-Union Only)

Suspenseful Comedy with a mature tone
Seeking a pretty female who is ticklish. jet black hair preferred but optional.
You will have to RUN, FIGHT, (obviously, this means you must be young and healthy to undergo this) and get tickled, CRY and LAUGH.
will be filmed on a kick ass HD camera
Include age, height, photo of yourself and your barefeet for reference (size doesn't matter). Include availability and email address/phone number. If you have a video yourself screaming attach a link to that as well.

Contact Details: Remy

Adult performers, film crew and other dummies outside Apple at 4:00AM this Friday 9/19/14

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking adult volunteers and crew to capture your public interview with my dummies and the others in line outside Boston's Apple Store this Friday at 4:00AM. We are sponsored to entertain the crowd and thought you might want to create a video that could go viral. Sadly with a son in college I cannot afford to pay you. See

Contact Details: VentriloquistKevin24x7 Driscoll Productions 617-901-6232 Website
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Looking for other dummies outside Apple at 4:00AM this Friday 9/19/14

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking volunteers to perform and film your interview with my dummies and the others in line at Boston's Apple Store this Friday at 4:00AM. We are sponsored to entertain the crowd and thought you might want to create a video that could go viral. Sadly with a son in college I cannot afford to pay you. See

Contact Details: VentriloquistKevin24x7 617-901-6232 Website
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Seeking Producer

(Union & Non-Union)


Contact Details: Jason Fenton Visually Sound Pictures LLC 781-439-8324 Website
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Need sound & lighting to shoot web-series pilot!

(Non-Union Only)

Looking to shoot a pilot for a web-series written by two lovely ladies. Access to the proper equipment is a must! The hope is that we can use this pilot to promote the launch of a kick-starter for our project. Right now, we are in desperate need of sound & lighting because we would like to ideally begin shooting at the start of October.
The series is an absurd comedy along the lines of Broad City, Louie, Girls.
If you are interested, please email with the subject line "The Pits".

Contact Details: Catiana & Melody

My Nihilism

(Union & Non-Union)

Fitchburg State student's looking for 6 male actors and 1 female actress. Shooting in North Central Massachusetts. Must be available for the weekends of October 19th to November 23rd. Audition Dates are September 27-28 at Fitchburg State University. Video submissions are also accepted - a cold read will be provided. For more information please contact the Producer's joint email account listed below.
NICK MAYFAIR (MALE 16-18) Lead role, thin and average height.
TOM MAYFAIR (MALE 40-50s) Middle aged with strong genes.
JONAS (MALE 40-50s) Middle aged and very skinny.

Contact Details: Renee Della Piana and Jonathan Savey Website
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Background: M/F Age 30-40; Shooters (Randolph, MA)

(Non-Union Only)

We need two actors ONE male and ONE Female; age 30-40, to play masked gun shooters on Tuesday, September 16th in Randolph, MA. For the web series "Family Problems" from 4-7pm in Randolph, MA. Non-Union Only. UNPAID. Please send resume and headshot.

Contact Details: AP Casting Angelwood Pictures Website

Seeking Color Correction for Feature Film shot on RED

(Non-Union Only)

Currently looking for someone who is trained in color correction to join our post production team on our feature length film. The project is an 100 minute Comedy and was shot on the RED Scarlet camera. It is currently picture locked and we are now doing post sound editing. Anyone looking for experience and a shot to have full control the visual coloring of a strong project please contact for more info and details. Thank you for your time.

Contact Details: Chris Goodwin - FakeCharmer Productions -

Casting Call Youth Male Lead

(Non-Union Only)

American Horror Films Productions LLC. is hold an open casting call for the youth Male lead for our paranormal film, "Hollow Children", set to film spring of 2015, with promos to film fall/winter 2014.
Date: 10/11/14
Time: 12 noon to 4 pm
Young caucasian male
7-9 years of age
The film is a paranormal film based on the life of a family in MA, who's young son was followed, and harassed by spirits that dwelled in the family home.

Contact Details: Mark Patrylak or Stephen Marchessault American Horror Films Productions LLC.
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CASTING CALL FOR DARK://beyond.the.dreamcatcher

(Non-Union Only)

After the breaking news of an FBI crackdown on the Deep Web, a lonely talk radio host embarks on a dark journey into the digital abyss to uncover the next big scoop. (PHOT. FEBRUARY 7, 2015 to MARCH 8, 2015)
Freddie is a graveyard shift radio host. A jaded agnostic catholic, and a recovering addict, Freddie desires an escape from his claustrophobic life.
ROBERT (AGE 25-35)
Robert has directed all of his energies into his online persona. Among his closest confidants are fellow gamers, redditors, and digital pirates.
MARY (AGE 25-35)

Contact Details: Jeremy Davis Redtere Productions Website
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FEATURED BACKGROUND: 9/21 Cult Members & Detectives Roles; M/F Ages 18+ needed 9/21 (Plymouth, MA)

(Non-Union Only)

Males/Female; all sizes/looks, Ages 18+. We need several background actors to play masked cult members & detectives on Sunday, September 21st in Plymouth, MA & Sagamore Beach, MA. NON-UNION ONLY. UNPAID. (All detectives will receive special police training from state troopers prior to the scene.) Everyone will be featured highly during the shoot. You may be needed the entire day. Please send in headshot/resume to e-mail provided. Please put in the subject line: "9/21 background". (If you have done Family Problems background before you can submit no matter the time period.)

Contact Details: AP 9/21 Background Angelwood Pictures Website


(Union & Non-Union)

Art Heist, is looking for talented individuals in almost all aspects of life. This is a very easy script to get involved in so if you interested in having a role in a creatively big movie please do submit you application. Everyone is welcome to be apart of this film the only stipulation is that it will be filmed on location in the Boston/Cambridge area so depending on where you live you might have to travel a ways.

Contact Details: Alexander Montage C 3474439120 Website
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Auditions for Short Film "Lost Lives"

(Union & Non-Union)

Wed, 9/17/14
7 to 9 PM
NewTV Training Room
23 Needham St,
Newton, Ma
Schedule your audition:
Arrive about 10 mins early to get familiar with the script.
For copies of the sides contact:
Email your headshot and resume to if you have them or bring hard copies to the screen test.
Danny - Main character. Single, late 20's web designer. He is smitten with a woman he keeps seeing in a diner.
Older Danny - Main character. Married grandfather.

Contact Details: Alan MetroWest Movies 508 832 9458 Website
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Staged Reading event for Award Winning Script looking for a VIDEOGRAPHER

(Non-Union Only)

Women in Film& Video New England is looking for a videographer for THIS SAT, SEPT 13TH AND/OR SEPT 20th, to record Auditions for the Staged Reading event of an Award Winning Script. Location is in Brookline, and interested parties need to get a camera and tripod along with you.
EXCELLENT OP for film-students/Video enthusiasts to network with talent and crew.
Please email indicating availability : Add Subject : "VIDEOGRAPHER"

Contact Details: Email: Women in Film & Video New England

Sept 23rd - Team Assistant with Corporate Scavenger /Treasure Hunt Coordination Experience

(Union & Non-Union)

1 Team Assistant needed to, along with the Chief - coordinate & help organize a corporate group scavenger hunt documented with photos (Important: Experience with setting up an organized-system to receive and track images, and keep track of teams, points, and possibly setting up slide shows on the spot) as well as assist with other games. Dependability, reliability, an outgoing personality and being smart and being available September 23rd EARLY-LATE AFTERNOON is a must. You'll need a car. Other opportunities may come up down the road.

Contact Details: Craig Craig Sutton Entertainment
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"Before We Knew It" Is seeking speaking extras for feature film this weekend

(Union & Non-Union)

for Feature Film “Before We Knew It”
College kids
Male and Female, Ages 18-24
Actors MUST be available between the dates of September 13-14, 2014
Women: Wearing casual college student clothing
Men: Wearing casual college student clothing
Shooting in Westfield, MA

Contact Details: Aaron Reardon The Label Productions (978) 380-3412

Lost Lullaby Seeking Extras for September 27th

(Non-Union Only)

We're seeking extras for a short indie film Lost Lullaby shoot on Saturday, September 27th in Boston. 20-40 years old, all genders and ethnicities.
Location is easily accessible via MBTA.
Only submissions with head shots please.

Contact Details: Marcia Goetsch Rosebud Studios Website

2 Females & 1 Male Actor Needed for Music Video

(Union & Non-Union)

Music Video producer searching to fill talent positions for a music video of an up and coming artist out of CT. We need to fill the female lead, female supporting actress as well as the male lead.
Female Lead: (20-25 yrs) Height: under 5'6" White Sexy cute, minimal make-up. Can exude bitch-face, flirty and hiding "hurt" in her face. MUST SEND HEADSHOT IF INTERESTED.
Female Support: (20-25 yrs) Height: under 5'6" White Naturally cute, outgoing/fun, innocent looking. MUST SEND HEADSHOT IF INTERESTED.

Contact Details: Mike Kesslak 41st Casanova Productions
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PAID EXTRAS Needed for Half Day Shoot on Friday, 9/12

(Non-Union Only)

We're seeking extras for a half day (afternoon) commercial shoot THIS FRIDAY, September 12th in Boston. 20-30 years old, all genders and ethnicities. Dancing skills a plus.
Compensation: 1 meal and $50, including transportation. Location is easily accessible on the Green Line.
Only submissions with head shots please.

Contact Details: Daniel

Kids Needed (between ages six and eight) for photo shoot

(Non-Union Only)

Boys and girls between the ages of six and
eight are needed to be photographed eating meals,
with family or with each other, for a soon to be
published book about eating as an international
expression of culture. Children who appear to
authentically reflect places like China, India
or Latin America would be especially welcome
along with input regarding the meals themselves.
The shoots will be informal and will be taking place
in a variety of locales, including peoples' homes.
Please send a head shot if possible to:
Thank you.

Contact Details: Elmer Hawkes Starbright Books 617 354-2207 Website

Crew Call for The Label Productions

(Non-Union Only)

The Label Productions is finishing filming the feature film, "Before We Knew It" this weekend in Boston. We are currently looking for positions to fill for this weekend. We are looking to hire a gaffer, Boom Op, sound mixer. This is on a volunteer/ unpaid basis, but will be good for anyone building a resume. Shooting dates are November 6th-9th. Please email with a resume or showreel, and the position you're applying for.

Contact Details: Aaron Reardon The Label Productions (978) 380-3412