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Local Film Tweets


Water Fight

By Julie Wolf
A still from "A Hero for Daisy.
A review of "A Hero for Daisy"

Industry News

By Abigail Harmon
Andrew Mudge's "Chicken Pox Pal" was one of five shorts picked up by the Sundance Channel.
The dish on local films & industry-related news.

Little Treasures

By Chris Cooke
Photo of "Bingo" one of the shorts featured in the program.
A Review of "Outstandingly Entertaining Short Films"

Couldn't Be Better

By Susana Rossberg
Still from "Could Be Worse."
Producer and Screenwriter Vilma Gregoropoulos talks about the path that led "Could Be Worse!" to Sundance 2000.

Robin Dawson: Heading up the Mass Film Office

By Eric Aron
A scene from "Good Will Hunting" shot in Massachusetts.
The director of the MFO works on bringing Hollywood production to the Bay State.

Industry News for New England

By Lindsey Walker
A shot from local film "Road to Park City" which opens Slamdance this month.
The dish on local films & industry-related news.

My Life as an Orphan

By Kiersten Conner-Sax
A screen shot from "The Cider House Rules."
A Review of "The Cider House Rules."

From Clerk to Curator: Bruce Jenkins of Harvard Film Archive

By Devon Damonte
"Shame" screens on February 7 at the Harvard Film Archive.
The new curator of the Harvard Film Archive talks about his background and his vision for HFA's future.

Filmmaking Through Generations

By Denise Taylor
Photo of Belle Greenberg.
Local filmmaker Laurel Greenberg talks about her film "94 Years and 1 Nursing Home Later" which screens this month at the Boston MFA.

Review: "Next Stop, Wonderland"

By Kiersten Conner-SaxThere's a lot to like about this funny, endearing, and genuine movie, but as with sugar-free cookies, it would have been better with, well, some sugar.

Summer of Films: Woods Hole Film Festival

By Michele Meek

A profile of the films featured at the 1998 festival.