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Local Film Tweets


Industry News for New England

By Lindsey Walker
A shot from local film "Road to Park City" which opens Slamdance this month.
The dish on local films & industry-related news.

My Life as an Orphan

By Kiersten Conner-Sax
A screen shot from "The Cider House Rules."
A Review of "The Cider House Rules."

From Clerk to Curator: Bruce Jenkins of Harvard Film Archive

By Devon Damonte
"Shame" screens on February 7 at the Harvard Film Archive.
The new curator of the Harvard Film Archive talks about his background and his vision for HFA's future.

Review: "Next Stop, Wonderland"

By Kiersten Conner-SaxThere's a lot to like about this funny, endearing, and genuine movie, but as with sugar-free cookies, it would have been better with, well, some sugar.

Summer of Films: Woods Hole Film Festival

By Michele Meek

A profile of the films featured at the 1998 festival.