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Local Film Tweets


Silent 5-Minute Student Film

(Non-Union Only)

Hi all! I am a film student at Emerson College making a 5-minute silent film shot on 16 mm about motherhood and memory. I am looking for an approximately 30-year-old actress to be a part of this exciting project. This is a great opportunity to work in an intimate environment with a very small cast and crew and to explore the possibilities and subtleties of non-verbal expression.
I am on a student's budget but will be providing food and snacks. Shooting will take place the weekend of November 15-16 in Somerville, MA. MBTA-accessible location.

Contact Details: Clara Lorant (617) 412-7558
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Actors Wanted of Unyfi at Club Oberon Feb 6, 2015

(Non-Union Only)

Unyfi is a comedic live rock show that brings YOU, the audience into a world of chaos!
Will you become a superhero? Will you join the radical hippy in protesting against DC corruption? Will you be fired by CEO Joe in his evil boardroom? Priscilla Prissy will look at your diamond ring to see if you are in her league! And Milo likes those pretty girls - beware of his flirtatious and seductive pick up lines! There is some cash to be earned - and easy to be had. Will you party with us in the world of fluff?

Contact Details: David Lefkowitz Lefko Productions 6174482284 Website
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BACKGROUND 10/23 - Church Patrons (ages 14+, M/F, all types)

(Non-Union Only)

Background needed for FAMILY PROBLEMS on Thursday, October 23rd in Winchester, MA from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM. All types, ages 14+, Males/Female. UNPAID. NON-UNION ONLY. Please send headshot and resume to e-mail provided.

Contact Details: FP Church Patrons Angelwood Pictures Website

Background: 10/18 - Athletic/Average sized Male, Ages 16-28

(Non-Union Only)

Casting heavily featured background actors to be walkers in the finale episode of "Lungs". We need more 16-28 male athletic/average sized actors to portray walkers on the famous Hope trail walking along or together in the scene. NON-UNION only. UNPAID. Need on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18th from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Barrington, Rhode Island (may not be needed the entire time). Please send headshot and resume to e-mail provided.

Contact Details: AP Casting Lungs Angelwood Pictures Website

Casting Call for Short Film "Security"

(Union & Non-Union)

We our looking for a cast for our short film "Security," a student production at Emerson College.
A night of mischief and Western movies with his older brother turns into a disenchanting experience for Jack.
We're looking for:
Jack: age 8-12, 2 lines dialogue
David: early 20s, 5 lines dialogue
--------Shooting Dates--------
November 1st-2nd
Please email us a resume, headshot, and a reel (if you have one) to and we will set up an interview time.

Contact Details: Matthew Klein Emerson College 414-630-4423
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DRACULA Gender Swapped Social Media Manager

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for someone who knows a bit about Social Media to help promote our Gender Swapped DRACULA movie on Kick starter right now
I am the writer and producer of the movie and the film has 23 days to go
Please be informed in things related to movie and horror movie in general.
Great job for a student but please be over 18
Please be on target and have great work ethic
If you have a resume please send it with your reply
If we get funded we will need a marketing person to help us with the film and you will get paid.

Contact Details: Chris 11 Car Pile Up Productions Website

An Interview with Documentarian Michaela O’Brien

By Catherine Stewart
Michaela O’Brien

Fellow female filmmakers discuss work, life, and more in this new series, Females in Film. For this installment, writer Catherine Stewart talks to Michaela O’Brien about sharing real stories with the world and her film Far from C3, which is currently screening as part of the Online New England Film Festival,

Station Manager

(Non-Union Only)

Norfolk Cable Corporation Station Manager Job Posting see full posting at:
• Manage all activities at both studios and offices.
• Oversee technical operations of NCTV’s channels, two studio facilities, editing systems, and field equipment including routine maintenance and inventory
• Lead, support and oversee NCTV staff of 3 and interns to promote productivity, professional development and job satisfaction
• Work with Board to plan capital improvements
• Work with Board to review and revise station policies

Contact Details: Norfolk Community Cable
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Interview with Filmmaker Xavery Robin of "The Art of Being Hurt"

Xavery Robin

Filmmaker Xavery Robin takes a unique view of relationship stress in her short film The Art of Being Hurt, now screening as part of the 2014 Online New England Film Festival. Here, Robin discusses how she got her start in filmmaking, her inspiration for her films and her future projects.

Actress Needed For Industrial Video

(Non-Union Only)

Actress, mid-20's to early 30's age range. Solid professional business appearance. Shorter styled hair. Audition required. Please send an email with a head shot for consideration.

Contact Details: Deborah Perro F.R. Perro, Inc. Website

BU Film Students seeking male and female actors for short film

(Non-Union Only)

Boston University film students seeking male and female actors between the ages of 20 and 25 for a short film. Two principle actors for the lead roles of Kevin and Amy, four additional speaking roles for their friends. Background extras also needed. Shooting will take place in a bar during the day on the weekends of October 31st and November 7th.
Plot Synopsis: Amy breaks up with Kevin, but when the two talk about the break up with their friends immediately after, they tell a slightly different story.

Contact Details: Thomas Passarelli, Boston University, 201-675-4334
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cool spacesuit needed for student film "Consternation"

(Union & Non-Union)

Ville Viljanen is a privately wealthy and intensely genius physicist and has discovered through breaking the laws of his country and the laws of physics a gateway to a black hole. having nothing to lose but fear, he jumps in, and is caught there. But what is there past the Event Horizon of a black hole for a human being to experience? What did he see? Who did he see?

Contact Details: Neal Desrochers, 22 year old Massart Film student Website
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D.P. Needed for Short Film in Boston

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a D.P. for one night short film shoot. "Night Visitors" is a short, single location thriller that will be shooting in Boston during a single night, Sunday, October 26.
We will be shooting with a Canon 7D, so we are looking for somebody with experience using DSLRs. If interested, please send a reel or sample of your work to
I look forward to your replies!

Contact Details: Curt Ege

Eng Sound Recordist

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for Eng sound recordist. With or without gear. Free-Lance work ranging from corporate to web video.
Please send resume and contact info to me.

Contact Details:

Looking for a dedicated acting partner.

(Union & Non-Union)

Hello I am looking for an acting partner to run scenes with and to practice an critique monologues. I would like to establish something strong that will not be temporal but something to build upon. Please serious inquiry only. The meeting date I am considering is Thursday nights 5 to about 7, in Boston.

Contact Details: jamaal copeland

10/18 - Featured Background (Walkers) - M/F Ages 16+/Types

(Non-Union Only)

Casting heavily featured background actors to be walkers in the finale episode of "Lungs". We need actors to portray walkers on the famous Hope trail walking along or together. Ages 16+, M/F all types (preferably athletic/average build-types). NON-UNION only. UNPAID. Need on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18th from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM in Barrington, Rhode Island. Please send headshot and resume to e-mail provided.

Contact Details: AP Casting Lungs Background Angelwood Pictures Website


(Non-Union Only)

-young to middle-aged (28-35) man to play a husband
-young to middle-aged (28-35) woman to play a wife
-a boy age 10-12
-a girl age 10-12
Casting Location and Date:
Tuesday, October 21 5-8 p.m.
BU College of Communication (640 Commmonwealth Avenue Boston, MA)
Room TBD

Contact Details: Katie Miller Hannah Herman Boston University School of Communication, Department of Film and Television Katie: (215) 301-1174, Hannah: (717) 419-3268

Casting Female Host (20s-30s) for Youtube Channel

(Non-Union Only)

We are seeking a female host to be the face of a new horror news Youtube Channel which would film in Rhode Island.
If you are interested in learning more, please respond to this post with a head shot, any demo reel/video samples and your resume if available.
Auditions and interviews will be held in Warwick, Rhode Island this November.

Contact Details:

Oct 23rd-Oct 26th Conference needs (F) Event Ambassadors to check-in/direct attendees

(Non-Union Only)

Client with a 3 Day business meeting is requesting a hostess/ambassador staff to check in & give direction to a small group of attendees. Ambassador Staff will be at the following Boston-area locations: Logan Airport, The Hotel (to be named later) and venues for dinner receptions. Requirements: F, Smart and very organized, Age:19-49, Fit , presentable, dependable, on-time, professional, and able to stand for long periods. Dress code: Black pant-suit/skirt w/wo jacket, white blouse, black dress shoes. Must be available for these dates & times, be able to take at least 2 Shifts.

Contact Details: Craig Sutton Craig Sutton Entertainment
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Emerson College Music Video "Find The Way" -- Need Two Female Actors (Age 9-11)

(Union & Non-Union)

Emerson College film students are seeking two female actors (age 9-11) to be featured in a senior thesis project! We are creating a music video for local indie pop duo, Miss Geo. Their upcoming song “Find The Way” is about finding a way when there seems to be no way.

Contact Details:
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Videographer/Editor for Promo Trailer for Stage Play - Monday 10-13

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking a videographer/editor who can shoot and edit a promo trailer for our stage production "Letters to Medford." Production is in a non-traditional setting (a historical society, and not a stage). We estimate about 20 minutes of shooting on Monday evening, 10/13, to be cut down to a 1-minute promo trailer with titles and music. Handheld, energetic, quick cuts to capture the essence of the show. Quick turnaround. Seeking someone very local to Medford, MA with own camera and editing capabilities. $125. Please contact us wish interest, resume, and demo reel. Thank you!

Contact Details: Wanda Strukus Two Roads Performance Projects 7814053285 Website

Casting Call for Dorito's Superbowl Commercial Contest

(Union & Non-Union)

We are entering into the Dorito's Superbowl contest this year and we need your help! Are you funny? Can you take direction? Do you like Dorito's? I need a male and female in their early to mid twenties and one lead role for a female early to mid thirties. Please send headshot and any relevant work. This is a non paid gig, but if we win... who knows. There will be some great exposure for the right people (I hear that a lot too, but this is the Superbowl...)

Contact Details:

Looking for creative crew for music video

(Union & Non-Union)

I need to put together a talented crew, who likes to laugh, and are passionate filmmaking professionals. This shoot is for a music video. This video will establish the individuality/creativity of all the crew members. Each crew member will have creative input in the script, because its in pre-production. And most importantly because it'll be a group effort turned masterpiece. These are the positions I need for crew:
1) Director
2) DP
3) FX Makeup Artist
4) Lighting
5) PA'S
6) Location Manager
7) Grip
8) Set Director
9) Visual Effects Creator
10)Sound Person
11)Costume Designer

Contact Details: Tina
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Til Death Do Us Part: A Short Romantic Comedy

(Union & Non-Union)

Production title: Till Death Do Us Part
Gordon College, 255 Grapevine Road Barrington Cinema
Auditions: Oct. 13th, 2013 7:30 -- 9:00pm
Shooting Dates:
Oct. 17th -- 18th
Oct. 31st -- Nov. 2nd
"Till Death Do Us Part" is a film about a newlywed couple, Corey and Julie, who quickly "waking up next to each other" isn't always as romantic as it seems. The happy couple work different shifts, sleep different schedules, but somehow will wake up next to their spouse, regardless of where they are. How long can the honeymoon phase really last?
Character BIOS

Contact Details: Christian Sosa 978 835 9343
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(Union Only)

Need age 22 to 40 year-olds looking for love . Message or email Ashwin Jacob with your Name, Age, a recent Photo and a brief description of who you are, what you do, and what you are looking for in your ideal significant other

Contact Details: Ashwin Jacob |

Casting Athletic Fitness Males

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting athletic males to bring class and elegance to our "Courteous Erotica" collection. We are an adult company that films videos for the female viewer to enjoy without feeling used or degraded. Themes include our girls giving men massages, kissing, and sex that focuses heavily on the males body, and guys face reaction. Males must look into the camera while they go down on our girls. A female co-host is often used to show off the males features and physique. You will be expected to treat the women as a lady, and film the scene for the female audiences perspective.

Contact Details: Lin RedLight
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Casting Kids Ages 5-7 for Boston University Student Film for Nonprofit Organization

(Union & Non-Union)

Who: Kids, Ages 5-7
What: Nonprofit Organization in Cambridge has hired Boston University students for film
When: Likely on a Saturday in October
Where: Boston Area
Please send headshot!
Email is the best form of communication.

Contact Details: Taylor Frank 9048741548

The Grave Bloom / Short Film Casting Calls / Boston, MA

(Union & Non-Union)

THE GRAVE BLOOM is an Emerson College thesis film shooting the 7th, 8th and 9th of November in Boston. The story is an existential short
inspired by Japanese ghost film of the 1960's.
When Eddie, a middle-aged man yearning to reconnect with his college-aged daughter, plucks an orchid growing out of a ribcage, he is forced to trade places with the spirit that guards the grave bloom.
Casting for:
EDDIE: Male, 50's, haggard, staunch, stern, yet sensitive. Has given up on life and has no taste for the finer things. He finds himself in limbo and trades places with Laura.

Contact Details: Enrique Rivera
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Personal Assistant & Book Keeper working with Exec Producer

(Union & Non-Union)

We are a small production company in the Cambridge area with an immediate need for an experienced book keeper and personal assistant. The candidate must be skilled and experienced with accounts receivable/payable, general accounting procedures and project management. The hours are variable (5-20 hours weekly) and somewhat flexible, and often work can be accomplished from your location. We are MAC based so MAC is preferred. Starting hourly pay will be $10-$15 per hour depending on experience and expertise.

Contact Details: Catherine Seo lipedema simplified, LLC 617-721-9463 Website
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CASTING CALL: African-American and Indian Men, ages 40-60

(Non-Union Only)

Casting Multiple roles for Music Video set to premiere in galleries across New York.
Performance artist and musician, Martîn Gutierrez seeks African-American and Indian business men to be featured in his latest music video. Martîn's music has been used in multiple fashion campaigns and is regularly featured on
Some recent press on the artist:
SPECS: Actors to play bystanders/bidders in a striptease to be shot in Rhode Island. Must be comfortable with queer performance art.
[African-American Male]

Contact Details: Sisters Weekend Film
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