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(Union & Non-Union)

A mother goes into a coma and her two daughters struggle with the idea of taking her off life support while also dealing with the technical aspects of their mother's financial and medical care. They explore with what they are living their lives for.
Elise (25 - 28)
A web programmer who's never thought to make a five year plan. Constantly abandoned by the people she felt closest to, she developed a cheerful exterior and a selfish nature.
Lida (26 - 29)

Contact Details: Lara Booth MassArt
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Seeking Actors & Crew

(Union & Non-Union)

Saturday, December 6, from 2:30-5pm at The Arlington Friends of the Drama (22 Academy St, Arlington, MA 02476). All auditions will consist of cold readings from relevant materials.
INFINITY (Feature Film)
Guy – 20-something. Boyish. Regularly indolent. Cordial and charming when needed but, in many ways, antisocial and awkward; wallflower. Video gamer. His appearance and dress are generally uninspired and tame.

Contact Details: Jason Fenton Visually Sound Pictures LLC 781-439-8324 Website
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(Non-Union Only)

PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS CONTRACTED PAID WORK ON COMMISSIONING.- but only for Pilot and Advert- 5 others Episodes are paid on time !
NEW Production Company to be formed 15 minutes South Of Boston.
We are looking create a Brand New Crew from Asstistants to AD/ Camera Ops- Editors For A Brand New Reality TV Concept.
This concept has been put to trial in London UK, and blew up making National headlines But is being launched first In The USA
This concepts throws every other Talent Reality TV show to the back burner as you are taken on a journey through the entertainments world!

Contact Details: Website
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Filming On Cape Cod

(Non-Union Only)

Additional Film Crew Needed Cape Cod/South Shore - Ongoing "Family Friendly" Drama Series
Seeking Film Student, Theater Students, and Individuals Interested In Filming To Volunteer On Set
Crew Needed
• Camera Operator
• Key Grip
• Audio
• PA
• Extras Coordinator
• Wardrobe Assistant
• Makeup and Hair
And More!
Volunteer Project/No Pay/Film Credit

Contact Details:


(Non-Union Only)

Actor (25-50) needed to play a mime in a short film. The mime communicates through exaggerated gestures and facial expressions and will be an excellent way for you to demonstrate your non-verbal acting skills.
This is also an opportunity to work with an award-winning director and one of the makes of Monsters Inc, The Incredibles and Pursuit of Happiness.
Please include headshot and resume in application. *Must be available to audition tomorrow (Tues. Nov 18th) between 8PM and 9PM or otherwise you must be able to send in an audition tape.

Contact Details:
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"Noise" - Emerson College Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

A young adult male who cannot find his place in the world attempts to find meaning in the mundane actions of his everyday life.
Lead Characters:
Andrew: Scrawny and weird 20-something struggling to make it through the day and make a few friends on the way.
Supporting Characters:
Dad: Gruff man in his late 40s, early 50s. Handyman who doesn't talk much.
Gemma: Mildy attractive 20-something who dreams of leaving her home town but got stuck working at a grocery store.
Kevin: Muscular man in his late 20s, preferably trained in stage action and combat.

Contact Details: Christina Gonzalez Frames Per Second - Emerson College +17742751076
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(Non-Union Only)

Casting for a protective mother in a short film between the ages of 40 & 55.
Great opportunity to work with an award-winning director.
**Must be available to audition tomorrow (nov. 18th) in Wellesley 02481 between 7 & 9PM

Contact Details:


(Non-Union Only)

Boy actor between ages 7 & 11 needed for the role of a young mime in a short film.
Please be available to audition tomorrow (Tues, Nov 18th) between 7PM and 9PM in Wellesley 02481.
This is a paid gig and a great opportunity to work with an award-winning director.
Include headshots and resume in application.

Contact Details:


(Non-Union Only)

Looking for someone in Massachusetts that is interested in working on a short film as an assistant casting director on Tuesday night. You'll help select candidates and you'll receive credit on the film as well as on IMDb. This is a good gig for your resume.
No experience necessary, but please tell us about your experience if applicable.
contact us directly at

Contact Details:

College-Produced Gameshow looking for Child-Guardian contestant teams!

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking 8-12 year-old children along with their guardian for a Kids TV Game Show. Must be a guardian/child pairing.
Emerson College Advanced Studio TV Production is a class taught by faculty and run by students. This semester we are putting on a Game Show production titled “Grounded”, a competitive game show between kids and their guardians where they go head to head. The kids are asked adult questions and the adults are asked questions only kids would know. This is a 45-minute live to tape production in Emerson’s own TV Studios.

Contact Details: Keely Donnelly Emerson College 8563136195
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(Union & Non-Union)

Sanctuary - drama
With a mother in jail and a missing grandmother, a young Dominican girl, longing for home, uses her faith and moxie to escape the state residential and foster care system. She seeks sanctuary in a monastery, and forever changes the life of a young monk.

Contact Details: Karen Samuelson In-light-of Productions 781.777.2234
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Casting Athletic Fitness Males

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting athletic males to bring class and elegance to our "Courteous Erotica" collection. Our videos are for the female viewer to enjoy. Themes include our girls giving men massages and kissing, where the camera focuses heavily on the males body, and males face reaction. Males must look into the camera while they interact with our girls. A female co-host is often used to show off the males features and physique. You will be expected to treat the women as a lady, and film the scene for the female audiences perspective.

Contact Details: Lin
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Visual effects artist needed

(Union & Non-Union)

Need to create some digital blood for one scene on a indie feature film. If interested please email for more information. Please send reel or any clips of work. Deferred pay.

Contact Details: Chris Creepy Kid Productions Website

Moments From A Sidewalk

Guilt-ridden and penniless after her father suddenly dies and the bank takes their small farm, Sarah, blaming herself for both of these losses, heads to the big city where its streets become her home and her music is her only refuge.
Year of Release: 
Filming Locations: 
Boston MA, Windham NH
Director of Photography: 
Evan Goldman
Silvia Kovatchev
Silvia Kovatchev
Silvia Kovatchev
Anna Rizzo, Matthias Lupri, Janet Waldman


(Union & Non-Union)

Need a blonde actress from ages 20-28 for a minor role in a feature film ASAP. Will receive an IMDB credit as compensation.
Email resume and headshot for consideration and more details.

Contact Details:

Actors for Short Film

(Non-Union Only)

3 actors needed for a short film by a Harvard film student. The film is a dialogue heavy short film about tension that will occur in a hotel room. The actors required include
Player: young, mid-20s
Coach: much older looking, 30s and up
Manager: much older looking, 30s and up
Please email me if you are interested and be sure to send me your head shots but resumes and reels are also welcome. There will very likely be an audition for the role.

Contact Details: Vincent Nguyen Harvard Film Department 4806007041 Website

Looking for an assistant or a producer in the Boston area.

(Non-Union Only)

I am trying to find an assistant that lives in the Boston area and can help me cast actors, organize time schedules, find decent location and help me get an audience. It is an unpaid position. I am an independent film maker that loves making short films, and music videos. I have a vimeo and youtube account to build my resume. I have done film for three years and it is time to keep going forward with my dream. If you are dedicated to help me make that happen. Than that is cool.

Contact Details: Email N/a N/a Website

"The Marshall Tapes" - Short Film/Pilot - CREW CALL - AMHERST, MA

(Union & Non-Union)

Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC is filming a short/pilot, "THE MARSHALL TAPES" in Amherst, MA 11/18 - 11/23.
Looking for PA's, Lighting & Camera assistants, and any other crew local to Amherst/Western Mass.
Please Contact, Hunter @ email link below, with NAME & POSITION TITLE in the Subject line. In the body, please tell us where you are located, and please attach a Resume.
Thank you.

Contact Details: Hunter Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC Website

Call For Entries: Screening Program - Boston Indie Mafia Hobnob & Social on 1/17/15

(Union & Non-Union)

Boston Indie Mafia is accepting submissions of any genre up to 20 minutes in length (short & long form excerpts, works in progress) for our 1 hour screening program at our Hobnob & Social on 1/17.
Submission Criteria
• Filmmakers should live within a 50-mile radius of Boston or down The Cape.
• Films must have been completed after December 2011.
• All films selected to screen MUST have a representative present at The Hobnob.
Submission deadline for this event is Sunday, December 7th at 11:59 pm.
Please visit for more information or to submit your film

Contact Details: JP Bouvier Boston Indie Mafia Website
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Actors Needed for a Student Film! (Woman 18-23) (Male, Woman 30s) (Extras!)

(Union & Non-Union)

For a final film project: I need a young actress (18-23, preferably with long hair, but not required. Preferably have a car.)
A male actor in his 30s. (Strong, big, broad shoulders. Beard?)
A woman in her 30s, clung to the arm of the male as he points a real-looking gun to the forehead of the young actress.
Barely any dialogue! The young actress and male will say one line, the other actress will scream. Think of yourself less of an actor but more of a model figure. The acting is mostly in the eyes.
Actors must be comfortable with fake blood.

Contact Details: Courtney Nowobilski MassArt Student Website
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Interesting People with Great Style

(Union & Non-Union)

I'm working on a new stills + video portraiture project and I'm looking for interesting people with great style.
To get in touch and see my work visit:

Contact Details: Henrique Plantikow Website

Emerson College BFA Thesis Film Seeking Actors

(Union & Non-Union)

Directed by Emerson College junior, Evan Yee, this BFA thesis film tells the story of a young man (Tristen) who enlists the help of his shoe shiner (Raul) to perform grand gestures of love in an attempt to win back the love of his life (Lara).
The following characters are in need of actors:
Tristen - 20s. A hopeless romantic. He believes that if he performs a grand gesture of love he will win the love of his life, Lara, back.

Contact Details: Matthew Ciampa Emerson College
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ACTORS NEEDED - MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN for short film by an award-winning director and award-winning cinematographer.

(Non-Union Only)

*Must be available to audition in Wellesley, MA 02482 on Tues, Nov 18th between 7 and 9PM.
There are 7 characters to be cast, 2 of them for men (45-60), one for men (30-60), one for women (40-55), 3 for boys (7-11). SIDES WILL BE PROVIDED UPON SUBMISSION.
Men (45-60), role of Miller's Father, a southern, angry psychopath.
Men (45-60), role of Puddles' Father, a burly, bad-tempered and ignorant man.
Men (30-60), role of Puddles, a mute, theatrical clown that communicates through miming and facial expression.

Contact Details:
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Male actor needed 45-60

(Non-Union Only)

Male actor needed for a supporting role in a short film. This is a great opportunity to work with an award-winning director and an award-winning cinematographer.
For the role, you must be able to perform a southern accent. This role is for a bad-tempered, southern psychopath.
For information on the audition, please email us with your headshot & resume. We will provide sides and a location for your audition. Please be available on Tues, Nov. 18th between 7 and 9pm

Contact Details: The Insubordinate

Casting Call for Short Thesis Film "Uprising"

(Non-Union Only)

Uprising is a student short film schedule to shoot in late February.
In a world where necromancy is common but feared, two young women use this power to solve a suspicious murder.
Riley: black, 20s, female
Cassie: Asian/Indian/Latina, 20s, female
Seth: black, 18, male
Nick: white, 20s, male
Casting Call will be held on Nov 19, 20, and 21 from 8:30pm-11pm in
Room 117
150 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, 20116
Please bring headshot and resume. Monologue optional.

Contact Details: Jennifer Zemke
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Win $100 in credit to Music Box Licensing

(Union & Non-Union)

We are a New England based creative music agency dedicated to crafting your dream soundtrack. For more info...…/app_512541485429310

Contact Details: Will Bangs Music Box Licensing 207-286-4834 Website

Latex/Makeup Artist Needed for Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Hiring a makeup artist for a short film to be shot on a sound stage in Boston on the 13 & 14 of December. Responsibilities include creating a realistic latex fat face as well as some general facial makeup.
Please send in resumes and day rates.

Contact Details: Sam 978-866-5262

Video camera owner/operator needed to consult & film creative concepts

(Union & Non-Union)

I have some simple, yet very compelling, visual concepts for a documentary piece. I'm looking to collaborate with a DP and hopefully knock some of them out in a few 1-day shoots before the winter hits. If you have a decent video camera, easy access to north shore MA, and want to shoot something awesome in your free time - email for details. Please specify which camera/equipment you own or have easy/free access to. I look forward to bouncing some ideas around.

Contact Details: Red Mailbox Media International LLC

Black male and female actors for shoot this Sunday morning - Belinda Royall Poem Scene (Half the History, a SAG-Aftra New Media

(Union & Non-Union)

Belinda Royall was an enslaved women who successfully petitioned for reparations in the late 1700s (for more information and the petition, read here:
For this piece, we will be filming a poetry segment based of Rita Dove's Poem Belinda's Petition: A Poem ( This will be a part of the broader Half the History Project ( Actors will be cast in the chorus, echoing the poem in the scene.
Date/Time: Sunday November 16 from 10 am-2 pm

Contact Details:
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Male Actor (70+ years old) Needed for Professor Role

(Union & Non-Union)

Male professor-looking actor needed to play Noam Chomsky in student film. Should look 70+ years old. Send headshot and reel to
Shoot is Saturday, November 15th 6-11am

Contact Details: Ethan Glasserman Harvard University 646-491-2431