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Local Film Tweets


Need an Actress

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi there,
I'm looking for an actress who will act in my experimental film.
I search for the actress who is;
2.18-30 years old
3. Asian having black hair and eyes
4. Available on two days between 26-30th December (Or, 1st-6th January)
The location will be Boston.
My profile is;
I came from Japan in fall 2014, and currently enroll at Massart MFA program. I want to make a video about "childhood." I want to figure out when we were awake about gender differences. If you're interested in more about story, please let me know. I'll send a story board to you.

Contact Details: Yukiko Nishino
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Editor for Mini-Documentary

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for local Editor to complete the 5 minute mini-documentary that was filmed in 2013.
Local 501C3 interviewed a local legend who has recently passed away. We need a local / talented volunteer who wants to add their creativity to complete this "interview" / mini-documentary.
Editor will receive credit and guarantee of being hired on future editing job from the firm. Interested Editors should contact by email @

Contact Details:

Queen/Freddie Mercury Tribute Video Needs Cameraman and Film Crew

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeing cameraman and film crew for a tribute video to Queen and Freddie Mercury to be released by 2016.
I also need fans to star in the film. This will be shot in and around Boston starting in March.
If you are interested in collaborating with me on this, please email me to discuss further.
Contact Details: Jennifer Minor Jenminorproductions

Contact Details: Jennifer Minor Jen Minor Productions

Colorist needed for color correction

(Union & Non-Union)

Color correction for a series of 70 video vignettes, EXTRAS from a 50 minute documentary. Send resume with cover letter to MAC based using Creative Cloud suite, Premiere.

Contact Details: Catherine Seo Lipedema Simplified 617-721-9463 Website

Casting Various Actors For Thirty Second Spot

(Union & Non-Union)

We are casting for a short thirty second spot as a promotional piece about Boston. We are casting for men and woman between ages 35 - 75. This is a non-profit project and there is no pay. This will be filmed in and around Boston.

Contact Details: Bryan Roberts Six One Seven Studios Website

"Cannibal Girl" Web Series Casting

(Non-Union Only)

I am looking for an actress in her 20's to appear in an episode of my web series "Cannibal Girl." The first season was completed in October. The series has had thousands of views and has been featured on the PNT TV Network and the Web Series Channel. The show is also listed on IMDb. It can be seen at The particular episode I am casting for is a special one off episode that I plan on making sometime in January or February. It should only take a day or two to film.

Contact Details: Adam Chandonnet Lovely Dead Films Website

Location Needed - Interior, Apartment

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for an interior location to be a character's apartment. The character is a single male in his 30's. The place needs to be large enough to fit a crew of 13 and two actors comfortably. We need a kitchen, hallway and bedroom. There will also be an very well-trained dog in the scene, who will need to be in the apartment. We only need the place for one shoot day, and it will be in mid-to-late February.

Contact Details: Leeza Faynzilberg Dream A Little Dream Productions Website
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Girl Next Dooor

(Union & Non-Union)

Elm St. Prod.
Pilot series shooting in Boston casting a 20-30 year old female character.
Actress, Model or just the 'girl next door' look needed to play.. wait for it.. THE GIRL NEXT DOOR she's described as adorable, funny and the angst to our lead role. For this role it's a 1-2 day shoot. Experience not necessary, please send inquiries, pictures and relevant information to Jaclyn at..
Thanks Dudettes!

Contact Details: Jaclyn Elm St. Productions

PSA/Commercial Professional Gaffer Needed

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking for a professional gaffer for a one-day shoot.
Pay: $25/hr (negotiable based on qualifications)
Expertise in Green screen and outdoor lighting is required.

Contact Details: Seera Akra 6172089104

PSA/Commercial looking for male talents!

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking for a Pakistani or Indian-looking actor for one day shoot.
Age: 38-47
Pay: $13/hr
The actor plays a construction worker. Physical Appearance should fit the role.
No required language.
Type of video: PSA/Commercial
Expected shooting days: Any day from 12/3/2014 to 1/14/15
Pakistani or Indian-looking actors are needed for extras in the same Ad.
The extras will play a group of construction workers.
Age: 18-50
Pay: $10/hr
Acting time: 2-4 hours.
Expected shooting days: Any day from 12/3/2014 to 1/14/15
Alternative contact: 6172089104

Contact Details: Seera Akra 8572044852

Dominican & Puerto Rican Lady Actors

(Non-Union Only)

Looking to produce a comedy viral spot for just the mere fun of making funny content specifically tailored to the Dominican/Puerto Rican crowd. I'm looking for the following individuals who do it for the "love of the game." It would be great if you have some improv/comedy background.
3x Dominican Couples (25 to 45 years old), if you dont mind to be matched with a fellow actor in a couple, please apply.
1x Dominican Abuela (45 to 70 years old)
1x Dominican Tio (30 to 50 years old)
1x Dominican Tia (30 to 50 years old)
2x Dominican Kids (6 to 13 years old)

Contact Details: Carl Team Indriago Website
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Beginner to Intermediate Directing Workshop

(Union & Non-Union)

Waverley Knobs Entertainment is excited to present our...
Directing The Actor Workshop!
Workshop for the beginner & intermediate director
Take this exciting and engaging 3 hour workshop on how to communicate effectively in order to bring out stellar character relations, dynamic scenes, and much more from your actors! In the end you will not only have learned vital fundamentals but will be using those skills in partner exercises.
Only 6 spots open. Sign-up today by e-mail!
Date: January 31st, 2015
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
Where: Waverley Knobs Entertainment - Boston, MA

Contact Details: Evin Charles Anderson Waverley Knobs Entertainment Website
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PSA/Commercial looking for male talents

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking for a Pakistani or Indian-looking actor.
Age: 38 - 47
Pay: Depends on experience.
The actor plays a construction worker. The physical appearance should fit the role.
Language: None required.
Type of Ad.: PSA/Commercial
# of days acting: 1
Expected dates of shooting: Any day from 12/31/2014 to 01/14/2015
Pakistani or Indian-looking actors are needed for extras.
The extras will play a group of construction workers.
Age: 18 - 50
Pay: $10/hr
Language: None required.
Type of Ad.: PSA/Commercial
Acting time: 2-4 hrs.

Contact Details:
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Home living room and entrance needed for filming - $250

(Union & Non-Union)

House needed for a short afternoon shoot for a short film in early January.
Please include interior pictures that offer a feel of the house and living area.
We will need to film on Saturday, January 3rd for a few hours after dark. You may be present during the shoot if you wish, we just ask that no pets or children are around to interrupt our work.
**Please contact with any questions, there will not be 100s of people on set. There will not be more than 6 crewmembers and 6 actors**

Contact Details:

Seeking Actress (50s) for Supporting Role

(Union & Non-Union)

A mother has been in a vegetative state for a year and her two daughters struggle with the idea of taking her off life support.
Sophia (50s)
Frail and pale. Must be okay with being turned and handled by other actors.
Audition date will be December 22nd from 12 to 3 at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Production will take place in mid January in Methuen and Haverhill. Send resume, head shots, and availability under the subject "RE: NewEnglandFilm Posting Dec16"

Contact Details: Lara Booth Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Looking for African- American male between the ages of 18-22 years old.

(Non-Union Only)

Short office scene

Contact Details: Jamaal Copeland N/A 617-279-3329

Worcester Area Acting Workshop Enrollment

(Union & Non-Union)

Worcester area acting workshop currently enrolling and seeking to fill 12 spots, for a mid January start. Consideration for beginners and students with minimal experience/exposure to acting. This is a class for those who are truly interested in pursuing a career in acting. Age range 18-30. Currently there is a 3-6 month instruction plan with 2-3 hour sessions once a week every week - $50 up front every month. This workshop will gradually pace along to an advanced workshop. If this is something that interests you, please contact the provided email below.

Contact Details: Kendell Alexander
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Indie feature seeks A.D.

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking experienced A.D. for indie feature shooting summer 2015. Once we get going, this will be a paid gig. At the moment, we're seeking someone to do contract work on a breakdown. Women strongly encouraged to apply.

Contact Details:


(Non-Union Only)

Pathways crime/drama in Production.. Needs female Actress -age range- early to mid 20's. Experience and dedication a plus. Please contact Scott ASAP for details

Contact Details:

Looking for Male Actor For Film SPEAKEASY

(Non-Union Only)

A Keene State College student film "Speakeasy", is looking for main actor.
Is a young white or African American male who is in his mid-late 20s and is a cross dresser. Robin has high energy and is flamboyant.
Check out our Facebook page for story plot and other details.
Auditions will be Video submissions to the
Please contact Joe Fusco on the gmail account for a side and more information about the role

Contact Details: Joe Fusco MPproductions

Harvard Law School is Casting Actors

(Union & Non-Union)

Harvard Law School is casting 1 more woman and 12 men for paid role-play work in January. No audition is necessary and the pay is $125. You must be over the age of 18 and a U.S. Citizen. Please email if you are interested.

Contact Details: Caryn May 617-495-9200

CANON C100 with AF for sale

(Union & Non-Union)

Selling my Canon C100 camcorder with dual pixel Auto Focus. Excellent condition. It comes with 1 stock battery, 2 extra batteries and chargers, original box and other accessories. Asking $4500 for the body only and will consider reasonable offers.
The following Canon L-glass lenses are also for sale:
Canon 17-40mm zoom lens $ 550
Canon 24-105mm zoom lens $ 650
Canon 70-200mm zoom lens (Series 1) $ 1450
Also available:
Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 $ 240
JuicedLink Riggy-Micro Model RM202 $ 200

Contact Details: Susanne 561-289-6039
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Seeking Film Crew for Queen/Freddie Mercury Tribute Video

(Union & Non-Union)

I am seeking to put together a tribute video to Queen and Freddie Mercury to be released by 2016. I need a film crew as well as eventually fans to be in the video.
If you are interested in collaborating with me on this, please email me to discuss further.

Contact Details: Jennifer Minor Jenminorproductions

Feature film looking for composer!

(Non-Union Only)

We are currently seeking a qualified music composer to assemble a score for our comedy feature that is currently in post-production. It is a comedy film with dramatic elements and as such, will need music that has a diverse range to compliment it. All contributing artists shall receive credit on the film, IMDB credit, and a copy of the finished product. For any further questions, contact directly.

Contact Details: Jim Heffernan Crazy Jim Films, LTD. Website

Casting Call 17-24 Years Old

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting Call For Additional Characters
Seeking 17-24 years old
New Ongoing Young Adult Scripted Drama
Casting Call In Plymouth MA
Please Submit Headshot and Resume

Contact Details: Liv

editor using Premiere

(Union & Non-Union)

Editor, MAC based with Premiere, editing profiles from interview footage. Begin immediately for the right fit. Send resume and reel to

Contact Details: Catherine Lipedema Simplified LLC 617-721-9463 Website

Memento Mortis (Horror Movie Casting)

(Non-Union Only)

I am casting an independent horror/comedy/exploitation film. I am looking for a lead actor in his late 20's as well as a supporting actor in his 40's or older. There is also a supporting female role for an actress in her 20's.
It is about a girl who runs a website where she posts sexual pictures of herself with actual corpses. Early in the story she meets a guy and they fall in love. He eventually uncovers her secret and becomes a partner in it. The lead female role is already set.

Contact Details: Adam Chandonnet Lovely Dead Films Website
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Jenna Marbles-esque Actress/Model Needed For Viral Book Promotion

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for an actress/model, with energy and humor similar to Jenna Marbles, for a video campaign for my latest autobiographical book.
We will shoot a handful of videos (4-6), each 30 seconds long or less, that features you -- filmed in black and white -- wearing lingerie, reading excerpts from my novel. The theme is exhibitionism, hence why the provocative yet playful nature of the videos.
Be confident and professional -- these vids will be shared across all social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Pay is $250 cash, handed over day of shoot.

Contact Details: Cameron Arrow Website
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Winter Intern Video Editing

(Union & Non-Union)

Small production company accepting applications for winter/spring interns. Duties will include logging and scrubbing footage, performing 1st and 2nd level edits, color correcting and color grading, basic motion graphics, file management, studio scheduling, light PA work, and general duties associated with film/video production. We are located in Westford MA so a valid drivers license and dependable transportation is needed. Position is for 1 to 2 days per week. Unpaid but small stipend travel costs.
If interested, please provide:

Contact Details: Website
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Seeking Actors and Actresses for Corporate Video Shoot

(Non-Union Only)

Production company seeking actors to attend a casting call on Tuesday, December 16. There are three roles available for an upcoming one-day corporate video to shoot the week of January 5. The three roles include:
Presenter--we are looking for someone with an ethically ambiguous look and experience reading from a teleprompter or similar direct to camera presentation experience. Role is open to males and females.

Contact Details:
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