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MASSART Casting call for men and women aged 60-90

(Union & Non-Union)

LOOKING FOR MEN AND WOMEN AGED 60-90 TO DANCE IN A SHORT NON-PROFIT COMMERCIAL. No prior dancing skills required, just the ability to slow dance with another person. You must bring your own attire. Shoot will take place on saturday 4/26/2014 at massart from 12-3PM.

Contact Details: Nicholas Bouwer 978-380-0803

Magazine photographer

(Union & Non-Union)

Hello guys we like to invite you to join a group of passionate Dominicans that are working very hard to make history for this year Dominican festival. We are in need of a magazine style photographer to help us create amazing photos for our newspapers and printing advertising materials. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our culture and have a summer fill with fun! The ideal person should be highly motivated, self-started and able to be creative with a small budget.
There is no payment but you will receive full credit and can also be added to our list of official sponsors.

Contact Details: Zulhay Garcia Semana Cultural y Festival Dominicano 857-417-0784 Website
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Set/stage designer:

(Union & Non-Union)

Fill your summer with culture and fun while working with a group of passionate Dominicans. We are looking for a set/stage designer to create the overall look of our reality show for Anacaona Pageant reality show and design the stage for our live festival concert that has in attendance more then 4,000 people. The ideal person should be highly motivated, self-started and able to be creative with a small budget.
There is no payment but you will receive full credit and can also be added to our list of official sponsors.

Contact Details: Zulhay Garcia La semana Cultural y Festival 857-417-0784 Website
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Lighting designer

(Union & Non-Union)

Fill your summer with culture and fun while working with a group of passionate Dominicans. Semana Cultural y Festival Dominicano is looking for a lighting director to design the lighting for our upcoming events. Our two mayor events are Anacaona Pageant reality show and the Dominican Festival with live artist. In attendance we have more then 4,000 people wanting to celebrate the Dominican Culture. The ideal person should be highly motivated, self-started and able to be creative with a small budget.

Contact Details: Zulhay Garcia Semana Cultural y Festival Dominicano 857-417-0784 Website
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Actor and actress wanted for student film

(Non-Union Only)

MassArt Student looking for 1 female actress and 1 male actor to be in short film for a school project. Actor and actress must be mature looking (in their 30s or more), and must be able to speak with an East Coast accent. Film will be shot in Greater Boston. Shot dates flexible. Travel and dining fees will be covered. Contact me for an audition over Skype.
Plot Summary:

Contact Details: Sandra Wang 9176670028
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Animation Artists Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

"Kot!" an Adult Swim style animated sitcom pilot starring local Boston comedy talent seeks artists and animators to collaborate on artwork for animatic.
Please provide examples of your work if interested.

Contact Details: Will Kurtz Website

Casting SCI-FI/FANTASY Music Video

(Non-Union Only)

A seemingly innocent guest appearance of a local band on a public access television show takes an eerie turn for the worst. The host and crew (that's you!) are attacked by flying monsters from another world!!
Location: Concord, MA
Date: May 17th, 9am - 11pm (call times will vary)
Compensation: paid
*All actors MUST have their own means of transportation to and from the shoot.

Contact Details:
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Spokesmodels needed for book readings online

(Non-Union Only)

Going to use spokesmodels to read shorter chapters and/or excerpts from my book for online viral video promotions.
Please reply with resume and headshots.

Contact Details: Cameron Arrow

ACTORS NEEDED for Feral Days a short film

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for several talented actors for our short film. Shooting will take place late this Summer/early Fall.
Feral Days is the story of a Arthur Gold, a boy on the run, who meets Jan, the granddaughter of a recently deceased mob boss. She brings Arthur into the world of the gang, where he is forced to confront his life as a runaway.
For more information visit:
We are Kickstarting the film so the amount of compensation depends on the success of the campaign.
Arthur: Male,17-22, skinny, able to ride a bike.

Contact Details: Danny Feral Days Film Website
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Casting Call--"C'thulhu's Conception"--Student Film Project Short--Need Actors This Week

(Non-Union Only)

I am putting together a short film project for my class at Harvard. I'm looking for a few short roles to fill up this week. E-mail your availability (just so you know, I cannot meet past 6 PM Wed-Friday due to work constraints).
I would like to meet and do a cold read of the lines first, and we will see where it goes from there. The story is based on H.P. Lovecraft's work regarding C'thulhu, so what I'm aiming for is a feeling of weird-horror in the overall production.

Contact Details: Sean O'Leary
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Male Doctor late 20s-30s.

(Non-Union Only)

I am in the middle of my short film about a Schizophrenic guy who cannot tell the difference between reality and what is going on inside his head. There is a scene when he is being examined by a doctor/psychiatrist and I need an older guy to play the doctor. We will be filming this Thursday April 24th after 7:30pm (I will give exact time by tonight or tomorrow). We will have a lab coat and props provided. Filming will only take an hour or so.
Merina Seidel: Director:
Emerson College student final capstone project. Non-union volunteer role.

Contact Details: Merina Seidel Emerson College 203 561 3071
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1st AC needed for NYU Thesis Film around Boston Area on 4/22 and 4/23

(Non-Union Only)

NYU Thesis Film shot around Boston Area on 4/22 and 4/23
Crew needed:
1st AC
Description of Project: The film follows a fifteen-year-old boy over the course of one day, as the death of one his peers becomes a bizarrely transformative experience for him.

Contact Details: Producer: Adam Litchman Student Filmmaker

Coincidental Intrusion

(Non-Union Only)

Casting Call:
NADINE [FEMALE AGE 23-26] A pretty young lady who is fed up with working in a corporate office and develops a crush with the mail boy.
HUNTER [GAY MALE AGE 23-26] Supporting role of a witty and nosy young gay man who is the co-worker and best friend of Nadine.
CHAD [MALE AGE 23-26] A quite and attractive young delivery boy who works in the Mail Department but is also secret burglar at night.
GRANDMOTHER [FEMALE AGE 65-75][EXTRA] A loving grandmother who is about to loose her house and lives with her grandson Chad.

Contact Details: Mike Wynn
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(Union & Non-Union)

My Son needs a video film of no more than 5/7 minutes shot and edited for his school project. It has to be shot on 27th of April around 4:30 pm (start time) in Cambridge, MA. Please apply with expected payment. Please consider that this is a non profit project.

Contact Details: Ivaana 9544792582

TALENT & CREW Needed for "Transsexuals from Space"

(Non-Union Only)

CASTING for TALENT and CREW, thank you.
Come join our Hilarious B&W Comedy Spoof "Transsexuals from Space" here:
Kindly check the call details and reply as appropriate, thanks!

Contact Details: Brina Arty Artzo ProductionZ (508) 345-8832 Website

Looking for Actors to Perform Recreation of Scene of Working Girl

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for actors to recreate scene from Working Girl for my Directing the Actors for the Screen class. Perfect way for a new actor to build their reel.
[TESS] Late 20-something professional making her way into the corporate finance industry.
[KATHERINE] Late 20-something professional, boss of TESS. Confident, secure, and teaches TESS the ropes
I'm looking to shoot sometime during this week, preferably on a weekday (April 21-25) after 2pm, but I'm flexible towards weekends also.

Contact Details: Sediqua Francis Dulcemina Productions (718)483-6304

The fastest, most romantic love yet.

(Non-Union Only)

Casting call for indie, low-budget feature film shooting in Boston area this July “The fastest, most romantic love yet.” It’s the story of two star-crossed Tinder matches in the hour and a half before their date.
Clay – early 20s; a technology-hating writer who is just as susceptible to the glittering lure of technology to quell loneliness
Phoebe – early 20s; a shy MIT Physics graduate student trying to make a human connection
Male #1 – any age; a Somali cab driver trying to make it in America

Contact Details: Shane Butler Dueling Hamilton
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Kickstarter Campaign

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for a director to help us create, film and edit a 1-3 minute video to go along with a kickstarter campaign surrounding new technology for busses and public transportation. This is a very low budget project, but we can work with you on a price.
Please send along a link to portfolio or Vimeo channel and let us know what you would charge for a project like this one.

Contact Details: Julia Wean 128 Business Council Website

Writer's Assistant/Various Duties

(Non-Union Only)

I am seeking a part-time assistant to help out with a variety of duties related to a screenplay I am writing for a group of friends that have had wonderful success with kickstarting previous projects. I'm about 30 pages into the screenplay, and initially I will want a reader/editor/critic/cheerleader--an actor, writer, or filmmaker who can read pages, makes notes and suggestions, and generally make sure that the script is flowing in a logical manner.

Contact Details: John Independent
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Short Documentary Looking for an animator for some 2D animations

(Non-Union Only)

My name is Emily and I am a MFA student studying in Emerson College in Boston. Currently, I am doing a short documentary about Chinese women and men who remain unmarried in their late twenties and beyond. They are called "the leftovers" in China. I need 3 2D animation sequences for the project and was wondering anyone would be interested in the project?

Contact Details: Emily Hu
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Athletic Model and Basketball Athlete Casting Call for CoachUp Photoshoot

(Union & Non-Union)

CoachUp is holding a photoshoot and is looking to cast a number of real basketball athletes. CoachUp is the nation’s number one private coaching company.
The shoot will take place at BU on Wednesday 4/23. All participants must be be available the entire day in order to be cast, however participants will likely only have to report for a ½ day. All participants must be able to transport themselves to the location.
Age: 16-21 years old

Contact Details: CoachUp Website
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Superhero film seeking mobster extras for April 21st in West Medford, MA!

(Union & Non-Union)

Shooting in West Medford, MA!
"Stay With Me" is looking for extras! Extras must be at least 25 and be well-dressed. Looking for men and women.
Scene takes place in a restaurant. The scene features a mob boss and a vigilante having dinner with each other. They are surrounded by mobsters and gangsters also having dinner around them.
Email if interested.

Contact Details: Nicholas Jagelski Emerson College 508 857 7055

Seeking Lead Actress for Horror Movie

(Union & Non-Union)

Moongoyle Entertainment, LLC is an independent motion-picture production and distribution company that creates horror movies for a worldwide audience. We are seeking a leading actress between the ages of 18-25 to star in our next feature-length horror movie that begins filming this summer in Connecticut. The actress must be able to attend an audition on Sunday, May 25 at our studio in Rocky Hill, CT. Interested applicants may submit a headshot and resume to us at To learn more about Moongoyle Entertainment, please visit our website at

Contact Details: Aaron Howell Moongoyle Entertainment LLC Website

40-65yo M for 16mm BW short

(Union & Non-Union)

Shooting this Saturday 4/19 and Monday 4/21 in Jamaica Plain, MA
"All Hail King Francis" is about a crazy man haunted by only friend, his Teddy Bear.
Simple shoot on 16mm with a small crew and you, you'll be compensated with a full stomach, it should be fun.

Contact Details: Jonathan Tarajano 2253330204

Freelance Videographer/Editor

(Non-Union Only)

Cambridge Community Television, in Cambridge, MA, is seeking experienced freelance videographers and editors to assist on upcoming production jobs. CCTV is public access television station that is often hired to produce promotional or educational videos for local organizations. We are compiling a list of freelancer in our area that we can reach out to when these opportunities arise. If you would like to be considered for future freelance jobs here at CCTV then please copy and paste the URL below to fill out our application form. Applications without work samples will not be considered.

Contact Details: Sean Effel or Shirin Mozaffari Cambridge Community Television 617-661-6900 Website
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Instructors in Various Media Production

(Non-Union Only)

Community Access Center seeks to expand it's dynamic catalogue of Media Production workshops. Skill level of participants vary from beginner to intermediate. Topics may include, but not limited too: Adobe Creative Cloud programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc), Film Aesthetics, Techniques for Smart Phone use. Any ideas not listed are welcome as well. Workshops may consist of multiple classes/days (rate is per class, not workshop). Interested candidates please forward resume and curriculum concept/rundown.

Contact Details: Michael Sills NewTV Website

Rocket in My Pocket - Short Film Crew Call

(Non-Union Only)

Crew positions are now open for the short film project Rocket in My Pocket. Filming begins July 18, 2014 and tentatively continues for four weekends. Meals, copy and credit.
Inquiries from creative and professional women strongly encouraged.

“Rocket in My Pocket” is about a young Puerto Rican lesbian and an elderly German rocket engineer, who bond over a love of model rocketry.
Required to find suitable film locations in the Springfield/Western MA/CT area. Need ASAP.
Should be comfortable with black-and-white imagery.

Contact Details: Dimitri LaBarge Unconscious Genius Productions Website
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Casting Female Lead for a Sci-Fi movie @Emerson College

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi there,
We are a group of Emerson grad students who are looking for passionate talents to make a 30 min sci-fi dark comedy movie, named "iDeal Wife." It is a compelling story based on a futuristic product, which is programmed to love and fulfill all kinds of consumers. The story criticizes how the consumer-driven society impacts individuals.
Casting list:
 Virginia: 18-25, blonde, beautiful, elegant, innocent, well-shaped, flawless skin, Sensitive and lovable.
PAY is negotiable

Contact Details: Sylvia Qi Emerson College 617-816-8326 Website
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Seeking Older Male (40s, early 50s) to Act in Student Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking a male in their 40s, early 50s to act in a student film at Fitchburg state. Acting experience is preferred. The crew will pay for gas and other amenities.
The character is referred to as the "Stranger," a mysterious man who carries around a briefcase with him. He is dressed in a professional manner (dress pants, trench coat).
Will most likely be shooting the 24th and 26th.
Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition.
If interested, please contact the email below.

Contact Details:

Behind the Music Video

(Union & Non-Union)

It's taken 33 years, but we are finally producing our music video.
An 80's local rock band has been talking about it since they were 18. Now, in their 50's, the band is getting together to finally film the video.
We are looking for local filmmakers who want to produce a quick 5 minute behind the scenes video with interviews and segments from the shooting of the video. A production crew is already hired to do the main feature of the music video. We just want to have a side crew to produce a bonus footage.

Contact Details: Frank
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