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Launched in 1997, is the most widely used online magazine and community for film and video makers in New England.

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  • Industry Readers: Nearly 95% of our readers work in the film and media industry, according to our recent reader survey, with the majority of our visitors from the New England area, according to Google Analytics.
  • Loyal Subscribers: receives over 50,000 visitors and nearly 150,000 page views monthly (according to Google Analytics) and our email newsletter currently reaches over 14,000 subscribers. Nearly 50% of our readers visit the site at least once per week, according to our reader survey.
  • Targeted Traffic: Over 75% of our readers will work on a film or video in the next 6 months and nearly 60% state they research film and video products and services on, according to our survey.
  • Monitored Success: Advertisers can access statistics through their accounts to track daily, weekly, monthly and all time views & clicks as well as detailed reports on who clicked on their ad and from what page.
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